At grandparent’s house in shenyang 

Happy Chinese new year,  yesterday I flew with grandpa to hometown, I love flying!  I am independent and not afraid to travel.  I have been to shenyang a couple times now,  it isn’t a big deal.  Not sure how long I will stay, maybe a few weeks 

I love ores cookies 

It’s new year’s eve,  we are watching a Russian action movie dubbed over in English with Chinese subtitles.  It’s fun because I’m with my family and taking all of daddy’s oreo cookies hahaha

I burnt my finger 

Today I burnt my finger on the stove when mommy was cooking.  I didn’t know it was so hot …. 

Uncle Vlad is visiting us in China 

My dad’s friend Vlad is visiting China for his work in Canada. It’s the first time I met him in person,  well… Last time we met I was in mommy’s tummy on our USA road trip in 2014!!!

Making an airplane with Legos  

I love Legos,  playing with a table top full of them. Most of the time I make these things with them  Cars  Turtles Boats But my favorite by far is…  Airplanes!!!!!  I make them and then fly them around in my hands.  It is so much fun 

I got a trampoline!! 

My parents say it will help burn off energy so I can get tired before going to sleep, been jumping on it since it arrived one hour ago and I am not tired yet!!! Haah

My teachers say I am so independent 

So I finished my first week at nursery school and the teachers told my parents and grandfather how independent I am.  The other kids need to have their mom or dad sit with them,  but I am happy all  by myself.  I can run around the play area and try all the toys I want without waiting for others to …

I Like To Sleep in Grandpa’s Bed

Someimes at night I wake up in my bed and want to see grandpa. I yell out “lao ye” (grandpa in Chinese) and then hop out of bed. I look around and don’t see anyone – but am able to open my bedroom door and cross the living room. His door is closed, but I am tall enough now to …

Today Is My First Day At Nursery School

Over the weekend mommy and daddy had a talk. They want me to start going to nursery school every morning. I’m two and a half years old right now, and am excited to play with more kids my age. Grandpa does take me out for a walk every morning to go grocery shopping. We sometimes get ice cream or play …