About Me

About me

Hi, I was born in May 2014 in Shenzhen, China. My mom is Chinese and my dad is American. I am a US passport holder, and speak Chinese and English. I want to learn both at the same time.I used to live in Shekou district of shenzhen, but now we live in Futian. It is because it is closer to the school I will go to when I get to kindergarten, plus dad can get to Hong Kong for his business trips and meetings faster too.I went to my mom’s hometown a couple times, once with my grandpa and me, and another time with the whole family. My family there loves me a lot and treats me so good. I also went to USA one time, and was able to go to California, New York, Connecticut, and Florida. It was a busy one month trip in the fall of 2015. I got to meet my aunts and uncles and grandparents.I love cars, trucks, and airplanes. They are a lot of fun to roll around on the floor and bounce off of couches. Sharing is fun, I go to the playground and share my cars with other babies so that they can let me play with their car or toy.Dad and I go on a bike ride almost every afternoon, normally along Shenzhen bay park. Sometimes he lets me play in the sand and I jump in the mud. But then my shoes get dirty and he gets mad at me.I can already say the whole ABCs and I read with daddy every morning at least one English book, and at night I read Chinese baby books with grandpa.I can’t wait to grow up and share with you more stories!