May 20, 2020

Update: Staying in China, Birthday Coming

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Update – In China Still, My birthday is coming

We haven’t updated in a while here – and daddy wants to try to keep this site up to date a bit more.

We are staying in China longer than we expected. Well even before the pandemic, we were going to stay until the end of the spring and go to Thailand in the summer – but now we will stay until the end of 2020.

My sister and I really like it – because we have so many family members – grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, and so many other kids in the building community.

My dad came back to China in April from the Philippines and had 14 day hotel quarantine.

Now he is starting to teach us English in the afternoon when he finishes his work.

My grandpa got me an early birthday present – transformers!

I also made a marshmallow and toothpick “zoo” that is so strong.