May 24, 2020

It’s My Birthday – 6 years old

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Happy Birthday Miles, Welcome to 6 (Will You Remember This?)

I am turning six years old. Yesterday I went for a walk with my daddy to get a haircut. While waiting, he asked me if I remember all of the places I have been.

I remember going to America, Thailand, Shenzhen, and Shenyang where I am now.

He asked me where my favorite place was – I said Shenyang.

He asked why – and I said it is because I like the nice Chinese people around me. They are so nice to me.

The barber called me to get my haircut, and asked how I would like it cut – my dad said to cute it like his.

The barber also added a cool little design to it on the side. I said it looks like Batman. My dad says it is a letter M.

Today I’ll see my friend Leo – he his also Chinese and we met while in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His mom is coming from Harbin to move to Shenyang (her hometown too) and I am so happy to be back together with my friend.

Being here in China in 2020 has been fun, I like my family and the things I am around.

My dad asks if I will remember all of this, and I said yes.

Also here’s a photo on Saturday with daddy, Maggie, and me