My teachers say I am so independent 

So I finished my first week at nursery school and the teachers told my parents and grandfather how independent I am.  The other kids need to have their mom or dad sit with them,  but I am happy all  by myself. 
I can run around the play area and try all the toys I want without waiting for others to take me there.  So many things to do and learn,  I can do it all by myself. 

I Like To Sleep in Grandpa’s Bed

Someimes at night I wake up in my bed and want to see grandpa. I yell out “lao ye” (grandpa in Chinese) and then hop out of bed.

I look around and don’t see anyone – but am able to open my bedroom door and cross the living room. His door is closed, but I am tall enough now to reach for the handle and open it.

He normally wakes up when I click the door latch open, and I slip into bed next to him. He is such a good grandfather – so patient and kind.

Today Is My First Day At Nursery School

Over the weekend mommy and daddy had a talk. They want me to start going to nursery school every morning. I’m two and a half years old right now, and am excited to play with more kids my age.

Grandpa does take me out for a walk every morning to go grocery shopping. We sometimes get ice cream or play in the playground too! But now I get to spend time by myself without my family, and get to make friends!

The nursery school is in the housing complex next door. The classes start at 9:30am and go until 11:30am. We will play sports and games together, and also learn how to sit and listen to our teachers and others in authority.

Sunday night we did a class to see how it was. Mommy, daddy, and Maggie came too. I didn’t want to listen to the teachers, there were so many cool toys and games to play with! The teachers kept chasing me around and telling me to do something instead of the toy I was playing with.

Let’s see how this goes. Mommy says there are only 5 other kids in the class, so I will get to know them a lot more. I hope they are friendly to me.

Daddy is a little nervous – he says I should be independent and not let the teachers make me follow all the rules. But mommy says it is important that I learn discipline and how to listen to teachers and others.

I’ll try my best and will report back to you how things are going!

Searching For Kindergarten

Tough job – where to go for Kindergarten here in China? I want to learn Chinese and English. Mommy and daddy are talking a lot about it now.

This is my first post – well daddy is posting for me because I’m only 2 and a half years old! But I will be posting on my own soon enough.

We go out to play every day with the kids in the neighborhood and I get to make a lot of friends and learn how to play nice and share my toys.