December 6, 2021

Back in Shenzhen for Second Half of 2021

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Been a while since my last blog – daddy has been so busy! The family moved from Shenyang to Shenzhen in August so that my sister and I can go to a better school. Actually, it is the same school I went to when I was in Shenzhen before moving to Thailand.

When I went to the school, I even recognize the teachers, and my sister is in the same class I went to!

I get too much homework and my dad tries to tell the school to give me less – but they don’t listen. I want to have more friends, I want everyone to be my friend – but some of the kids don’t want to play with me.

My mom tells me to be less worried what everyone thinks and just have a few friends. Hope I can play with more kids as my new home has mostly girl neighbors that don’t want to play with me.