Dancing is cool!

Miles update I also enjoy to dance like my sister – but there is this cool street dance one I am in. I have yellow and purple dancing clothes – shorts and a t-shirt – really baggy and awesome!

Happy Father’s Day From Miles

Hi daddy, We had fun at the Dongbei restaurant for lunch. I don’t really like some of the food – I drank some of his tea plum juice stuff. And we talked about my making websites for 1 or 2 candies!

My dad is teaching me how to update this website

My dad told me that if I can make a website for him – he can give me a candy. But I want a toy. So he said I need to make 2 websites and I can get a toy. Wow, I hav a lot of work to do now.

It’s My Birthday – 6 years old

Happy Birthday Miles, Welcome to 6 (Will You Remember This?) I am turning six years old. Yesterday I went for a walk with my daddy to get a haircut. While waiting, he asked me if I remember all of the places I have been. I remember going to America, Thailand, Shenzhen, and Shenyang where I am now. He asked me …

Update: Staying in China, Birthday Coming

Update – In China Still, My birthday is coming We haven’t updated in a while here – and daddy wants to try to keep this site up to date a bit more. We are staying in China longer than we expected. Well even before the pandemic, we were going to stay until the end of the spring and go to …

December 2018 Update In Thailand

My dad has been behind updating my blog – so with the end of the year 2018 coming it is about time we update everyone on things happening in my life. If you follow my dad’s blog and videos, you will see we recently moved the family to Thailand in August this year. I came to K2 – Kindergarten level …

I’m A Future Artist & Robot Designer

I have all week off from my school! No homework, I can sleep late, and draw things all day and watch robot and dog TV all night. Christmas is great! I don’t eat as much as my sister, but I love to draw. I love robots and drawing.

Happy Birthday To Me (written by my dad)

Happy birthday to my dear son Miles (this is daddy writing if you didn’t already know). 3 years old today. how fast time goes by. I remember his birth like it was yesterday (video below) Miles, you are a smart, indepedent dude. I’m so happy to be your father. Your grandfather, Mr Wang, is really amazing and helps us so …

Going to Full Time Daycare

Mommy and Daddy sent me to daycare last week, I go from 10am until 5pm now. This way they can work at the home studio while I get to play and learn with other kids. It is a small classroom of 4, and Monday, only 1 other student came – so just 2 of us – and 2 teachers. So …